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Why Kapitol Group is Transforming the Culture of Quality

A partnership built on innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision for building better, Visibuild and Kapitol Group are setting new benchmarks.

Our Quality Partnership

The partnership between Visibuild and Kapitol Group highlights our commitment to transforming the quality standards in the construction industry. Over the last 18 months, Kapitol Group has showcased a deep commitment to quality assurance, and their proactive engagement in harnessing technology is defining their company as a true industry leader. A partnership built on innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision for building better, Visibuild and Kapitol Group are setting new benchmarks.

Kapitol Group Statistics

Projects: 25
Kapitol Group Users: 213
Total Visis: 123,187
Inspections: 20,581
Closed Inspections: 12,569 (61%)
Subcontractor Companies: 169
Data: 140+ GB

Kapitol Group wanted a technology solution that could make their quality assurance (QA) management better, and encourage a focus on quality in their company. By implementing Visibuild across their entire company and right from the outset of each project, Kapitol Group has ben able to gain unparalleled insights into their projects, allowing them to make efficient, data-driven decisions. This competitive advantage ensures that all Kapitol Group’s teams and clients can trust that every project will be of the highest quality, providing complete peace of mind.

Current Tech Solutions Aren’t Doing Enough

Traditional paper-based systems are not only tedious but also prone to errors, misplacement, and delays. While there is a growing push for new tech solutions, their impact has been limited in meaningfully changing the system to benefit the industry. Current digital QA management platforms have simply recreated the paper-based checkmark process, leaving the wealth of data and information in QA records to be used ineffectively, or completely ignored.

When the focus on quality diminishes on-site and issues arise during or after project completion, retrieving data and information from paper-based sources and digitised files can take weeks to gather. This barrier not only hinders important tasks but makes it difficult for management to identify and resolve issues and defects in real-time. Live reporting is the key to effectively and efficiently track projects, enabling project teams and management to make better decisions based on data-driven insights.

A Culture of Quality Problem

Quality assurance is significantly overlooked and undervalued in the construction industry, which is currently facing its worst performance in productivity in over three decades. While the safety standards in the construction industry have made significant progress over the past 20 years, the same level of attention and improvement has not been given to quality. It is essential for the industry to establish itself as a trustworthy provider of high-quality products. Changing the cultural perspective and conversation on quality remains one of the most crucial factors in enabling the industry to reach its maximum potential.

The Solution to Quality Management

With our platform, immediate access to QA records and minute-by-minute insights ensures that corrective actions are taken immediately. Management decisions are informed by reliable, data-driven insights. Kapitol Group highlighted how “you don’t do things after the fact if you want to achieve quality outcomes.” Our ITPs are set up at the beginning of the project, and the software makes sure that the information inputted is accurate and aligns with third-party hold points, ensuring that all relevant stakeholders complete the hold point before work can reliably proceed.

What does Visibuild offer?

  • Seamless collaboration among all project stakeholders
  • Real-time image capture to ensure work aligns with the project plan
  • Enhances accountability, transparency, and shared responsibility
  • Provides real-time, data-driven insights
  • Tracks issues, NCRs & defects
  • Offers critical insights at every stage of the project, reducing defects and boosting profit margins

The Future of Construction Quality Management

Our team at Visibuild takes great pride in creating a digital solution that tackles the quality and productivity challenges of the construction industry. Although there’s more work ahead in perfecting our processes, as highlighted by Kapitol Group, all of Visibuild’s clients benefit from the feedback we recieve from over 600 industry-leading companies. The more our clients actively engage with the platform results in the lessons learnt from builders, and manufacturers in improving the quality management process.

Visibuild is more than just a digital tool, but aims to be a key motivator in transforming the culture of quality. Thank you to Kapitol Group for being a company that is driven by innovation and helping us push the industry forward!


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