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Visibuild’s Membership with the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI)

The importance of Visibuild joining the Get It Right Initiative

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Visibuild has recently become a member of the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI), a distinguished UK-based non-profit organisation committed to enhancing productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability in construction by eliminating error. This partnership underscores Visibuild’s commitment to precision and excellence in its projects.

GIRI champions a collaborative approach, bringing together clients, consultants, contractors, and other industry stakeholders to minimise errors right from the inception of construction projects. For Visibuild, this affiliation is not just a strategic alignment but a reinforcement of our core values. By becoming a member of the Get It Right Initiative, we gain access to specialised training programs, valuable resources, and an expert network focused on reducing error. This collective effort not only elevates Visibuild’s operational standards but also plays a crucial role in pushing the industry forward by fostering the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

During World Quality Week in November 2023, we joined forces with Icon Constructions, an industry leader and fellow GIRI member, to celebrate our shared commitment to quality. Icon’s dedication over the past two years to making quality a priority showcases the transformative impact that initiatives like GIRI can have on the construction sector. Their success is a beacon for others, illustrating the competitive advantage that comes from a steadfast focus on excellence.

Video featuring the Get It Right Initiative. Click the image to watch!

Our membership with GIRI reiterates Visibuild’s dedication to leading by example in the construction industry. We are committed to pioneering innovative practices and solutions that ensure construction projects are built right the first time. This commitment not only saves costs and reduces waste but enhances overall project outcomes, paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable industry.

As we move forward, Visibuild is excited to contribute to and benefit from the collective wisdom and initiatives of GIRI. We are eager to see how our involvement will further drive improvements across our projects and continue to set new standards for excellence in the construction industry.

For more information about GIRI and its initiatives, you can visit Get It Right Initiative.

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