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Quality Management Software Built For & By The Construction Industry

Visibuild Team
Visibuild Team
Visibuild is proud to be the only quality assurance management platform built by and for the construction industry!

Up until now, construction industry software platforms have simply digitised pre-existing quality assurance systems. Here at Visibuild, we are striving to completely transform the way in which QA is completed. In doing so the culture around quality will shift, benefitting not only individual companies but the entire construction industry.

For our founders what pushed them to take a leap into ConTech was the fact that there was no one in the industry solving the quality assurance management problem. The solutions that were available didn’t result in genuine and meaningful benefits for the industry. With the number of companies frustrated by the waste of quality assurance records and the lack of improvement in quality assurance in the industry, a completely transformed management process like Visibuild was born.

Making quality normal

For Co-Founder and CEO Damien Quinn, a former senior project manager at Multiplex, all he wanted to know was what was happening on every one of his project floors, at any given time. All of this information is able to be found in quality assurance records, and thus when a robust digital system like Visibuild is implemented, the entire project team, stakeholders, subcontractors, and consultants, are able to work in one integrated environment. This seamless collaboration allows for the capturing of information and data that offers unparalleled insights into whats actually happening on-site.

This is when we can start to change the culture of quality. The problem previously has been that quality has been done to satisfy ISO, standards and quality plans, but not really for the benefit of the project. If Visibuild can get project managers to make decisions based on the quality assurance records that they are receiving from the field then they will rely on this data. From this data, informed, live decisions, can be made to actually manage their projects, ultimately making quality normal.

Visibuild is leading the way in pushing the industry forward by transforming on-site management. If you want to be part of the solution then reach out to our team below!


See how Visibuild can transform the quality management process of your business.