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Missed Opportunities For Growth

Oxford Economics Australia has estimated that aligning construction productivity growth with the economy-wide average could open the doors to an astounding $56 billion in additional construction capacity. And this is estimated for every single year! We see it every day, people wanting to effect meaningful change in their business but are handcuffed to the commercial merry-go-round of endless fixed-price tenders, ultimately unable to innovate. So how can transformed quality assurance practices help garner the industry’s full potential?

The recent report from the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) explains in ‘Nailing Construction Productivity‘ (2023) the current commercial landscape. Notably “the construction industry discourages long-term planning and decision-making needed to drive productivity and growth.” The report highlights how “there is no other industry that compares to the level of combined value and job creation that the construction industry produces. Yet the construction industry’s productivity performance is among the worst.”

There are, however, a growing group of businesses that are seeing first-hand, the benefits of putting quality and QA management practices at the top of the list. What are the benefits of transforming QA practices and adopting innovative software like Visibuild? Real data-driven decision-making, each day becoming more efficient and productive by doing things right the first time!

Industry Leaders

Billions of dollars in savings, improved efficiency and productivity, improved overall quality of builds. The Visibuild team understand that there is an undeniable link between quality and productivity. That’s why we are striving to push the construction industry forward. Culturally and structurally, we are transforming quality assurance management to give our clients a competitive edge. We won’t stop innovating alongside, listening to, and pushing our clients forward into a modern and thriving construction industry.

When the management of a project site is running at its best, there really are no limits to the possibilities of the build!

The Competitive Edge

If you want to find out how to exploit it with an intuitive quality assurance platform, then reach out to the team here.

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