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How Our CS Team Are Building Strong Client Relationships

Customer Success
Customer Success
Technology is only as powerful as the people behind it: How our CS team foster Visibuild's client relationships

In the dynamic landscape of the construction industry, success is not solely defined by the physical structures we build, but also by the relationships we forge and the culture we shape. At Visibuild, we understand that technology is only as powerful as the people behind it. Our Customer Success team plays a pivotal role in nurturing client relationships, facilitating platform adoption, and driving cultural transformation with regard to quality assurance in construction. Consistent feedback from our current clients is that our implementation process and customer success team are a real differentiator from other quality platforms.

“The genuine focus Visibuild has demonstrated on customer success is what sets them apart from the competition in our opinion.” Ben Harrington, General Manager at Hindmarsh Plumbing

Empowering construction through education

Technology can be intimidating, especially when adapting to a new platform. Visibuild’s CS team will guide you and your team throughout the onboarding process, from starting on-site to project completion. As part of the onboarding process, we provide personalised training sessions and resources to ensure that your project is set up for success. By clearly explaining all features and processes, our team works to ensure that all users are confident and proficient navigators of our software platform.

Client collaboration

The construction industry is built on collaboration, and so is our approach to Customer Success. Our team collaborate not only internally, but also with our clients, listening to their feedback, understanding their pain points, and adapting strategies to meet their evolving needs. Our platform is built on the lessons learnt from all builders and manufacturers to improve the quality management process. The more our clients invest in actively engaging with Visibuild, the more meaningful change can be made to the management processes not only within their teams but across the entire industry.

Pushing cultural change

We are at the forefront of a cultural quality transformation in the construction industry. We recognise that traditional approaches to quality assurance management can be ‘a time sink’ and do not provide valuable insights – current productivity levels in the construction industry mean it is critical to do more, than less. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers achieve this, advocating for a culture of proactive quality management that drives efficiency, reduces risks, and ultimately elevates the standards of construction projects. At Visibuild, we strongly believe people and culture contribute to project success as much as the technology we provide.

Starting with initial training, ongoing education, and a genuine commitment to cultural change, our team is pushing the industry forward, one project at a time.


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