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Building Talks with Visibuild Director Ryan Treweek

Building Talks and Visibuild: "Building trust and relationships, profits, pitfalls and progress, quality control, and construction culture and innovation.

Visibuild director Ryan Treweek sat down with Martin Preece from the Building Talks podcast to chat about his journey, and why he joined Visibuild to fix some of the problems of the construction industry.

Ryan’s journey began at Multiplex, where he embraced roles ranging from Contract Administrator to ventures in contract and commercial management. He further enriched his career by stepping into business development with Icon. Now, as the Director at Visibuild, Ryan’s role is pivotal in shaping our vision and innovation in quality assurance in construction.

With an expansive network spanning clients, developers, builders, and industry experts, Ryan provided unparalleled insight into the dynamic shifts occurring across Australia. Ryan highlighted why developers are now more keenly focused on construction quality than ever before and provided a detailed analysis of the state of the construction industry in Australia, post-pandemic.

Some key themes covered:

  • The art and science of building strong relationships in construction.
  • Juggling the duality of short-term gains with the promise of long-term sustainability.
  • Insights on profitability, cash flow management, and strategies employed by leading contractors.
  • Navigating the complex waters of big projects, from managing tight margins to understanding the repercussions of defects and post-construction expenses.

Visibuild in the Limelight

The conversation naturally drifted towards Visibuild’s transformative approach to tackling age-old quality challenges in construction. Ryan shed light on how our software is all about streamlining programs and quality checks, helping builders and developers maintain the pinnacle of construction standards.

If you’re someone involved or interested in the industry, this podcast is a must-listen. Gain insights on boosting productivity, mastering the intricacies of grand projects, innovating in quality control, fortifying relationships, and understanding the nuances of risk management in the ever-evolving construction market.

You can also listen to the full podcast here!


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