World Quality Week 2023

World Quality Week

Visibuild is the Tool to Realise Your Competitive Advantage – Celebrating World Quality Week (WQW) Quality is more than a buzzword; it’s a driving force behind success in all aspects of business. As we celebrate World Quality Week from November 6th to November 10th 2023, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on the significance […]

Enhancing Waterproofing Performance with Bond Breakers


The Role of Bond Breakers Beneath Liquid Waterproof Membranes One of the biggest culprits of post-completion defects stems from problems with waterproofing systems. Sometimes, these problems arise from the absence of them altogether. Achieving a strong and durable waterproofing solution is crucial to construction projects. This is especially true in areas prone to moisture, where […]

Inspections – ITP’s, ITR’s and ITC’s – Whats the difference?

Inspection Types

There are a lot of acronyms thrown around in Construction, and there is certainly no shortage in the Quality Assurance field. We often get asked; “Whats are difference between an ITP’s and an ITR’s or ITC’s?” and “I’m being asked to submit an ITP for all works, generally we only submit an ITC for our […]

The Growing Importance of Quality Control to Property Developers

Why Transformed Quality Control Software Gives You The Competitive Edge In the competitive landscape of property development, maintaining high-quality standards has become crucial for developers in Australia. With increasing consumer expectations, developers are recognising the need for robust quality control measures to ensure their projects stand out and meet market demands. Visibuild is a cutting-edge […]

Construction Productivity At All-Time Low

Missed Opportunities For Growth Oxford Economics Australia has estimated that aligning construction productivity growth with the economy-wide average could open the doors to an astounding $56 billion in additional construction capacity. And this is estimated for every single year! We see it every day, people wanting to effect meaningful change in their business but are […]