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We’re proud to be the only QA platform built by ⁠—and for— members of the Australian construction industry.

Meet the Visibuild founding team.

Damien Quinn

Co-founder & CEO

Having spent 15 years in commercial construction, Damien brings a wealth of industry experience to Visibuild. He has delivered multiple large-scale projects in both Melbourne and Brisbane, most recently at Multiplex as a Senior Project Manager. It was this time in the field—and a frustration with the systems available—that motivated him to start Visibuild. He’s driven by a passion for construction, technology and ensuring quality outcomes for our customers.

Renee Phelan

Co-founder & CDO

Renee leads the design team at Visibuild. She’s responsible for overseeing all facets of design, including the end-to-end user experience, research and marketing. Renee cares deeply about understanding Visibuild customers and delivering product experiences that help them succeed. 

Renee has extensive experience working within startups to solve challenging problems with innovative solutions. 

Shaun Phelan

Co-founder & CPO

Shaun is responsible for the strategic direction of the Visibuild platform. He’s passionate about ensuring Visibuild improves not only the quality of built assets but also the day-to-day lives of all construction industry personnel.

Shaun was previously a Senior Project Engineer at Multiplex, managing the strategy, planning and execution of large-scale construction projects across Australia. 

Dave Allie

Co-founder & CTO

Dave leads the development teams at Visibuild and oversees technical direction. He’s responsible for ensuring Visibuild’s long-term technical growth, stability and innovation, while simultaneously growing the Visibuild team. Formerly the CTO at Tanda, Dave was responsible for leading several large scale projects at Amazon. He’s at his best when solving tough impactful problems, and bringing as much value to Visibuild’s customers as possible.
Built by the construction industry, for the construction industry.

“For years I have struggled to find a quality project management system that enables project teams to effectively implement their project processes, and empower their quality assurance data. We have created Visibuild to ensure that the construction industry has a platform to manage their projects, built by people that understand their industry.”

Damien Quinn, CEO Visibuild

Previous: 15+ years in the construction industry.

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