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2 Construct x Visibuild

2Construct Mentone Grammar Project
2Construct Mentone Grammar Project
How Visibuild emerged as a "game-changer" for 2Construct, significantly increasing subcontractor accountability and fostering a proactive approach to quality assurance management.

“The 2Construct Way”

A leading construction company based in Victoria, Australia, 2Construct is renowned for their expertise in managing large, multi-faceted projects in building, civic, and civil construction services. They have established a reputation for delivering exceptional results, with a dedicated team of over 70 highly qualified professionals. 2Construct hold a portfolio boasting over 400 completed projects of diverse scale and complexity, delivering an average of 20-24 projects annually, with a turnover exceeding $130 million.

We sat down with HSEQ Manager Luke Carlson, and Contract Administrator Josh Moulton to gain insight on the successful implementation and partnership with Visibuild. With a particular focus on their Mentone Grammar School project, we delve into the challenges faced and the impact of the pilot project, as well as the broader implications of implementing technology like Visibuild in the construction industry.

Traditional Quality Management Challenges

2Construct encountered several challenges within its traditional quality management processes prior to implementing Visibuild. These challenges included inefficient manual record-keeping, a lack of real-time visibility into project status, and difficulties in ensuring accountability among subcontractors. Additionally, the company struggled with inconsistent monitoring tools and the cumbersome nature of paper-based documentation, leading to delays, errors, and inefficiencies in project execution.

2Construct’s Mentone Grammar Project

To address these challenges 2Construct initiated a pilot project with Visibuild at Mentone Grammar School, aiming to streamline their quality assurance (QA) management processes and enhance traceability throughout the project lifecycle. Luke emphasised the challenges they faced in traditional record-keeping, capturing and collating data, and the lack of a seamless process for identification and traceability. The transition to a digital quality management solution demonstrated a notable improvement in real-time data management, resulting in increased efficiency and measurable impacts on project outputs. The streamlined documentation process and improved accountability resulted in reduced defects, minimised rework, and enhanced project outcomes.

Previous challenges of inconsistent monitoring tools and inadequate accountability of subcontractors were also addressed through Visibuild’s comprehensive record-keeping and task assignment features. Josh emphasised the transformative impact of Visibuild on quality assurance, particularly during the Mentone project, one of the largest undertaken by the company. Visibuild provided structured templates, facilitating thorough documentation and efficient defect management. The platform’s ability to streamline processes and enhance accountability resulted in a cultural shift within the team, fostering a proactive approach to quality assurance.

Putting Quality First: The Implementation of Visibuild Across All 2Construct Projects

Through the success of the platform on the Mentone Project, 2Construct expanded the implementation of Visibuild across all projects. By leveraging the platform, 2Construct are able to streamline its quality management processes, facilitate real-time data capture, and improve collaboration among stakeholders. Through structured templates and task assignment features, the platform enables the seamless integration of quality assurance practices across their teams and projects. In addition, the adoption of a transformed quality management process is also facilitating in driving cultural change, with a more proactive and accountable approach to delivering quality projects.

Visibuild Feature Highlight: Defecting

Josh Moulton expressed enthusiasm for Visibuild’s defect tracking feature as his favourite aspect of the platform. He highlighted its effectiveness in simplifying the defect management process by allowing seamless creation, tracking, and resolution of issues. Josh emphasised the convenience of being able to continually add and review defects, streamlining the process and ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. Additionally, he praised the platform’s robust filtering options, which enable quick and efficient organisation of defect data, even amid large volumes of information. This feature not only enhances productivity but also facilitates effective communication with stakeholders by providing concise, filtered reports. Overall, Josh’s endorsement underscores the tangible benefits of Visibuild’s defect tracking functionality in optimising quality assurance efforts and streamlining project management workflows.

Challenges and Opportunities

2Construct learned the importance of embracing digital solutions to overcome the traditional challenges in quality management. The successful adoption of Visibuild highlighted the value of technology in improving operational efficiency, enhancing collaboration, and driving better project outcomes. Acknowledging ongoing challenges in making quality the priority, Luke Carlson discussed the cultural shift within the team. Despite these challenges, Visibuild’s Customer Success team, and notably CS Coordinator Heath Phelan, has played a crucial role in providing onboarding and ongoing assistance of the team throughout a project lifecycle, and has greatly facilitated in moving the cultural needle forward.

The collaboration between 2Construct and Visibuild exemplifies a transformative journey in the construction industry. From streamlining quality management processes to increasing subcontractor accountability, and enhancing overall project efficiency, Visibuild stands as a beacon of quality management innovation. The Mentone project serves as a testament to the platform’s ability in supporting clients like 2Construct to have the ability to consistently deliver exceptional quality outcomes. We look forward to continuing to see the growth of 2Construct in cementing themselves as an Australian construction industry leader.

Mentone Grammar Project
2Construct’s Mentone Grammar Project


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